Newt Gingrich: ‘Hollywood Is So Enraged at Donald Trump That They Can’t Be Funny’

Fox News Sunday this morning briefly covered Stephen Colbert‘s big anti-Trump rant from last week and Jimmy Kimmel talking about health care in his deeply personal monologue.

Colbert’s rant attracted a lot of attention, and the FCC is reviewing the matter (as is standard practice when they get complaints).

His comments even got a lot of scorn over on CNN.

Chris Wallace played the video of Colbert’s “astonishingly crude” attack on Trump, as well as Kimmel’s emotional monologue about his newborn son, for a discussion on politics in late night.

Gingrich said that Kimmel’s monologue demonstrates a “mythology” on the left about health care, adding:

“The problem you have with humor in America today is that Hollywood is so enraged at Donald Trump that they can’t be funny. All they’ve got is pure anger. And that’s what’s coming out in this stuff… They ain’t funny ’cause they’re too angry to be funny.”

Juan Williams pushed back on that, and said of Colbert that CBS should act if they feel it’s appropriate, not the government.

Brit Hume said that Colbert shouldn’t be fired, though he did point out that his “disgusting” remarks would have gotten him in such big trouble if he said them about any Republican.

Watch above, via Fox.

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