Newt Gingrich on The View: Our Government is Corrupt

It is not, as one might expect, hyperbole or paraphrase that created the above headline. That is, in fact, exactly what former Speaker of the House and Trump advisor Newt Gingrich explicitly stated on The View on Tuesday.

Whoopi Goldberg asked point blank “have you taken the idea that our government is corrupt?”

Newt matter-of-factly replied simply “yes.”

WHOOPI: I mean, don’t you think that you must go through the process to find out if there is anything, or are you saying you’re assuming that it’s already — have you taken the idea that our government is corrupt?
BEHAR: Really?
WHOOPI: And how long has it been that way, Newt?
GINGRICH: I think you can go back to a number of cases. I think the special counsel in the Bush years that set up Scooter Libby was totally corrupt, totally dishonest. I think that the U.S. Attorney who convicted a senator from Alaska and then later turned out that, in fact, he had hidden the evidence that proved the senator was innocent – you know there’s an entire book on it by Sydney Powell.

Earlier in the segment, Newt had expressed the idea that the investigation was obviously and self-evidently flawed.

“I have a very simple Jerry Mcguire comment,” he said. “Show me the money. This guy has had $17 million, a year and a half. It’s supposed to be about Russia. Show me something that relates Trump…”

At that point, co-host Sonny Hostin interjected that she “can show you 17 indictments and 5 guilty pleas.”

Newt objected that they don’t relate to Russia, adding, “there’s no evidence that ties Donald Trump to anything involving Russia.”

“I know it’s simple-minded, he concluded. “He’s had $17 million, he’s had a year and a half.”

They talked corruption and Watergate and briefly touched on whether Mueller’s people have leaked anything before the segment ended.

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