Newt Gingrich: Romney/Ryan Lack Of Foreign Policy Experience An ‘Advantage’

Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation, Newt Gingrich offered an opinion about the Romney/Ryan ticket that falls outside the conventional wisdom. Not having much foreign policy experience isn’t an issue, he asserted. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Prefacing his statement with “I’m going to shock you,” Gingrich went on to argue, “I think that it is an advantage that they are not part of the current mess.” Mitt Romney, he added, has just about the same amount of foreign policy experience as Ronald Reagan did. And Reagan “defeated the Soviet empire.”

“I would rather have Romney and Ryan rethinking everything than have the current team continue,” Gingrich said, pointing to the “disaster” in the Middle East.

Asked about whether he feels he knows what Romney’s foreign policy philosophy is, Gingrich said he thinks he knows how Romney will approach foreign policy. Specifically, he noted, Romney will be cautious, think closely about America’s interests, apply a “decision-making process that relies very heavily on facts and he will distrust the State Department.”

Take a look, via CBS:

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