Newt Gingrich Says Jeff Sessions Has ‘Absolute Authority’ to Stop Russia Probe… ‘If He Wanted To’


In case you had any doubts, Newt Gingrich is firmly behind President Trump’s latest demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions take action to stop Robert Mueller‘s investigation on Russia.

The former house speaker spoke to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith today about Trump’s slam against the investigation of Paul Manafort. The former Trump campaign manager is the subject of renewed political intrigue due to the start of his trial for alleged bank and tax fraud.

As Gingrich trashed various aspects of the FBI and the Mueller team, he remarked that Trump “has every right to be deeply, deeply frustrated at the failure of his attorney general to exercise leadership.”

When asked if Sessions has the authority to end the Mueller probe despite being recused from investigations into Russia, Gingrich said the AG has the “absolute authority’ to stop Mueller in his tracks “if he wants to.”

He continued to slam Mueller while (once again) revoking the praise he previously offered to the former FBI director.

“I originally tweeted that I thought Mueller was a very respectable guy, and then I watched him hire these 17 lawyers that Trump is talking about, this is a disgraceful, one-sided witch hunt by a bunch of left-wing Democrats and it is compounded because we have learned since then about Comey, we’ve learned since then about [Andrew McCabe], we’ve learned since then about [Peter] Strzok. Every time we turn around we learn more things that indicate that the sickness in the Justice Department and the senior levels of the F.B.I. was very real.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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