Newt Gingrich Suggests Obama’s Refusal To Enforce DOMA May Be Impeachable Offense

President Obama’s decision earlier this week to refuse to defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act has conservatives up in arms, and not just based on the substance of the law. 2012 presidential hopeful (?) Newt Gingrich discussed with move with Newsmax’s Ashley Martella recently and, calling it entirely unconstitutional, suggested impeachment could be a possible remedy to the issue.

“He is breaking his word to the American people,” Gingrich told Newsmax, adding that, as executive, it was his job to “enforce the rule of law,” not to interpret it. “He is not a one-person Supreme Court.” He added that the move frightened him, as it was a broad executive overreach, and that “the rule of Obama instead of the rule of law should frighten anyone.” Asked what the remedy should be, Gingrich called for the legislature to act for him to “obey his constitutional oath… if he fails to do so, they will zero out the office of Attorney General.”

Where does that leave the possibility of impeachment? Gingrich did not take the impeachment process lightly, nor did he suggest it should be the first step, adding simply that the President’s actions “clearly…should not be allowed to stand,” implying impeachment was the last line of defense, but the extreme concern over the executive overreach certainly merited consideration.

The discussion via Newsmax below:

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