NFL’s Ben Watson Downplays Alleged Laura Ingraham Kerfuffle: Still Agree With Her on ‘Some Issues’


New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson, a frequent Fox News guest, downplayed his confrontational discussion with Laura Ingraham during a recent appearance on the network by insisting that he stills agrees with the pundit on “some issues.”

Watson spoke to the Washington Post on Wednesday about his back and forth with Ingraham over The Atlantic‘s Jemele Hill’s arguing that black student-athletes should give preference to historically black colleges and universities, rather than attend majority-white schools.

While Watson is known for pushing conservative talking points on issues like abortion, he differed from Ingrahm — who called Hill’s argument “color-coded” and accused the writer of “resegregating the country” — on the issue, saying that he “agreed with her” and applauded Hill making “some great points in that article.”

But Watson insists that the segment was not as confrontational as some on Twitter made it out to be.

“I know it plays into the theater of it on TV when that happens. I know there were a lot of people who didn’t expect me to say what I said on her show,” the professional athlete told the Post. “I spoke to her afterward and she thanked me for having me on and I’m excited to do it again.”

“I’ve been bumped several times and I try to get in as much as I can. I knew when we didn’t take a break before my block that this was going to run over,” he added, before noting that he agrees with Ingraham “100 percent on religious liberty and bringing your Bible to school.”

Watson spent much of his time on Ingraham’s show discussing New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees‘ — his longtime teammate — Christian initiative for kids to “Bring Your Bible to School Day.”

“It’s always interesting to go on a show that has a host with a line you might not agree with, but when you go on those shows and you have those conversations, people are more willing to engage,” continued the Super Bowl XXXIX champ.

Watson said discussions with civil disagreements are “definitely encouraging,” as he suggested many people right now “are not interested in any nuanced point of view and they just want to feed their ego and their tribe.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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