‘Nicolas Cage’ and Jude Law Play ‘Get In The Cage’ On SNL

Nicolas Cage (played by Andy Samberg) and Jude Law (played by the man himself) stopped by “Weekend Update” for a recurring segment called “Get In The Cage.” While ostensibly an opportunity for Nicolas Cage to talk to fellow actors about their craft, it was actually an opportunity for Jude Law to look quietly bemused while Cage spouted non-stop nonsense. When he got fed up toward the end Cage cautioned him “There’s only one way to leave the Cage…a fight to the death. Two men enter. Two men and a baby leave.” Cage also gave those of us watching some insight into his curiously prolific movie career, telling Law that he does a new movie every three days. In fact, he was filming one right now. Suprise!

The sketch was as simple as it gets, but Jude Law was a great dry foil to Samberg’s spot-on Nicolas Cage impression, and hearing him describe his face as that of a “possum king” was truly a Christmas miracle.

You can see the clip here via NBC:

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