Nicolas Cage And Nicolas Cage Appear On SNL Simultaneously, Tearing Hole In Fabric Of The Universe

Nicolas Cage And Nicolas Cage Appear On SNL Simultaneously...

“Get In The Caaaaage!” This is one of my favorite recurring “Weekend Update” segments, and it was twice as good this week because there was twice as much Nicolas Cage! There was the one we normally see, played by Andy Samberg, and then original recipe Nicolas Cage, played by the man himself. When Seth Meyers expressed bewilderment that there were two versions of the same man at the desk, one of the Cages explained that this was made possible due to the success of a recent cloning experiment (done to help Cage achieve his goal of appearing in every film ever made).

Cages 1 and 2 were promoting “Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance,” all of whose dialogue is “either whispered or screamed,” and in which everything is on fire. I would comment further on the quality of this sketch, but I’m actually too busy quivering with delight. Who did Cage better? There is no wrong answer!

See for yourself below via NBC:

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