Nicolle Wallace: Trump Announcing Muslim Ban Was ‘Titillating’


MSNBC contributor Nicolle Wallace used a very curious choice of words on Tuesday when she talked about the impact President Trump had when he first announced his intention to ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States.

“I remember the day — the one sort of branded on my brain — and one of the more titillating moments of the campaign was when Donald Trump came out and read about himself in the third person,” Wallace said. “His point was that the reports are not wrong. This is what I’m for. This is what I’m running on, and his crowds erupted in applause…”

Merriam-Webster defines titillating as “pleasantly stimulating or exciting.” The word is often used with sexual connotations, and Merriam-Webster refers to the word “erotic” with their online description.

Wallace’s appearance was part of a panel hosted by Andrea Mitchell, which discussed how the Trump Administration is facing legal challenges over Trump’s executive orders to restrict travel and immigration from several Muslim-majority countries. The segment noted that the Trump campaign scrubbed their Muslim ban statements from their website after Press Secretary Sean Spicer was put on the spot about them on Monday

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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