Nicolle Wallace Defends Her ‘Chickensh*t’ Dig at Laura Ingraham’s ‘Reckless’ ‘Debasement’


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace appeared on Late Show Wednesday night and when faced with her comments from two weeks ago when she went off on Trump defenders attacking Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the White House national security official testifying today in the impeachment inquiry.

Host Stephen Colbert introduced the clip in which Wallace dismissed Fox News host Laura Ingraham in which her guest, John Yoo. Following Yoo’s comment that “some people might call that espionage,” Wallace said, “Except those people aren’t chickenshit like the three of you and they know that he passed a background check that the president’s daughter and son-in-law didn’t.”

After showing embarrassment for talking like a sailor, Wallace explained her frustration, saying of Yoo “he knows Colonel Vindman isn’t a spy, so just to leave it out there like, ‘oh, I don’t know. Isn’t it weird they speak in another language? Maybe a spy, next question,’ is so reckless, so scary, representing the debasement not just of the right but the debasement of what happens on that program.”

Wallace demurred when Colbert followed with “why is this happening?” But the Late Night host reminded his guest “you say they have been kidnapped. their souls have been kidnapped by Donald Trump. did you say that?”

The MSNBC News anchor answered, “probably, it’s been a long day.”

Watch above via CBS.


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