Nicolle Wallace Goes Bonkers Over Suggestion That Trump Has ‘Grown’: ‘Are You Serious?!’

Count Nicolle Wallace as a skeptic of the long-rumored, but seemingly never executed, Trump “pivot.”

During a discussion of the Supreme Court deciding to hear cases regarding President Donald Trump‘s proposed travel ban — which would restrict travel to the U.S. from six Muslim-majority countries — MSNBC legal analyst Ari Melber brought up an argument made by some Trump supporters as to why Trump’s Tweets on the proposal referring to “DANGEROUS countries” should be discounted. Melber said that some Trump backers may claim the President has “grown” since that Tweet was sent three weeks ago.

Wallace was apoplectic.

“What?!” Wallace said. “What?! Who thinks that?! Let me talk to them!”

Melber reiterated that Trump’s lawyers may attempt to make the argument that the President has matured. Wallace was having none of it.

“That’s the legal argument, that he’s grown and changed?!” Wallace said. “Are you serious?!”

Melber himself couldn’t articulate that position with a straight face. Wallace took him off the hook by throwing to another panelist, former Hillary Clinton chief strategist Joel Benenson.

“Oh my God,” Wallace said. “I need a drink!”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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