Nicolle Wallace: The Best Thing About Trump Signing Spending Bill Is It ‘Totally Triggered Ann Coulter’

During today’s broadcast of Deadline: White House, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace had some fun at conservative provocateur Ann Coulter’s expense.

Addressing Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, Wallace read aloud a passage from Robinson’s latest piece in which he wrote President Donald Trump’s “most urgent political problem” is that his supporters “might be starting to realize how thoroughly he’s played them for suckers.” Robinson told Wallace that the recently signed spending bill was a key example, as it doesn’t fully fund the border wall while funding Planned Parenthood.

“Let’s not leave out the best thing of it,” Wallace chimed in. “It totally triggered Ann Coulter!”

The MSNBC host was, of course, talking about Coulter’s Twitter meltdown over Trump caving on the omnibus spending bill. In response to Trump claiming he’d never sign another bill like it again, Coulter tweeted the reason he wouldn’t is that he would be impeached.

Robinson went on to say that while he believes Trump was sincere on the campaign trail when it came to “racism and xenophobia,” he’s “been unable to deliver on it.”

“That’s the issue on which he connected so viscerally with a hardcore part of his base,” he concluded. “You know, the Ann Coulter, the people who respond to Ann Coulter, too, who are going to be reading her and her reaction.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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