Nicolle Wallace: Trump Is ‘Doing One Thing Really, Really Well’

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Nicolle Wallace has two weeks left as a co-host on The View, as moderator Whoopi Goldberg briefly acknowledged Monday morning. Later, during a discussion about Donald Trump’s seemingly unstoppable rise, the former Republican strategist demonstrated the type of unique opinions the morning show will soon lose.

Referencing Trump’s recent appearance on Morning Joe and his decision to ban The Des Moines Register from covering his campaign events, Wallace said, “This guy is doing one thing really, really well and it’s tapping into people’s disgust with the status quo.”

While Wallace said she personally thinks Trump is “wrong” on issues like immigration she added, “in terms of tapping into public’s disgust with all the pre-packaged, establishment politics, he’s touched a nerve.”

Or, as new co-host Michelle Collins put it, “He’s everyone’s racist grandparent.”

“The substance of Trump’s message is alarming,” Wallace admitted, “but it’s the style people like.”

Towards the end of the segment, Goldberg compared Trump’s current political success to that of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain before him. “Everybody’s up” for at least a little while, she said. “This is like the Viagra of the run.”

Watch video below, via ABC:

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