Nicolle Wallace: Trump is So Politically Weak, He Might as Well Give SOTU Address ‘On His Knees’

The way Nicolle Wallace sees it, President Donald Trump might as well be down “on his knees” tonight when he delivers the State of the Union address.

Wallace joined her fellow MSNBC hosts on Tuesday night for pre-speech panel coverage, during which, Brian Williams asked if she thinks Trump will somehow be disrupted in the middle of his address. Wallace argued that “a lot of people think the disruption has already taken place” because of Trump’s presidency, so its “deserved and has been earned” if anything does happen.

“I think this president walks in there and may as well deliver the speech on his knees, because that is where he is politically. He is so weak that Republicans are now saying, ‘Please don’t declare a national emergency because you will be rebuked, we will vote with Democrats in opposing your wall.’”

Wallace continued by saying Trump is increasingly weakened and bogged down by scandal, citing Chris Christie‘s assessment of the ongoing investigations surrounding the president. Wallace expects Trump will lash out tonight due to resentment over his current position, but “none of it will mean anything.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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