Nightly News Finds New Hampshire After Epic Graphics Fail: ‘Apparently It Moved To Vermont’

It was hiding under Vermont the whole time.

On Tuesday, an NBC Nightly News graphic map zooming in on the site of a Canadian train crash was missing a crucial piece of nearby land, namely the entire state of New Hampshire.

Today, Nightly News host Brian Williams mea culpaed: “New Hampshire’s gone!” Williams said when he played the clip back. “Vanished. It apparently moved to Vermont, and then New York took over a bunch of territory and no one knew it.”

“New Hampshire was lost by our graphics department,” Williams said. “It has since been found and put back.”

Williams went on the praise New Hampshire for its “live free or die” motto, its early primary status, and its numerous notable congessional leaders, and comedians Seth Myers and Sarah Silverman. He also noted the Granite State was the site of the invention of paper towels, ideal for mopping up mistakes like this one.

Watch the segment here:

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