Nikki Haley: U.S. Athletes Attending Winter Olympics is an ‘Open Question’ Because of North Korea Tensions


Nikki Haley hinted on Wednesday that America’s Olympic athletes might not participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics because of a potential volatile situation with North Korea.

The Ambassador to the United Nations spoke to Martha MacCallum of Fox News tonight about the latest international developments pertaining to North Korea and President Donald Trump‘s announcement that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. MacCallum eventually brought up the forthcoming Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and she asked Haley whether the event will be safe for American athletes in light of the recent aggression from the rogue nation to the North.

“I think those are conversations we are going to have to have, but what have we always said? We don’t ever fear anything, we live our lives,” said Haley. “What we will do is, we will make sure that we’re taking every precaution possible to make sure that they’re safe and to know everything that’s going on around them.”

When MacCallum asked Haley to clarify whether the U.S. Government is recommending that athletes go participate in February, the ambassador said the answer is subject to change based on further activity from North Korea.

“There’s an open question,” said Haley. “I have not heard anything about that, but I do know in the talks that we have – whether it’s Jerusalem or North Korea – it’s about, how do we protect the US citizens in the area?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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