Three More Saved from Thai Cave as Rescuers Race To Save Those Still Trapped

On Tuesday morning efforts to save the remaining trapped members of a youth soccer team and their coach are underway once more in Thailand. Two more are confirmed rescued, the ninth and tenth overall, and news is breaking as we publish that an 11th person has been rushed from the scene in an ambulance.

Those rescued so far are undergoing special medical care, including quarantine and limited solid food rationing, to ease them back to health after being trapped in the cave for over two weeks.

The dangerous rescue effort through treacherous caves, including underwater portions too narrow for breathing apparatus, and sections so steep they require full climbing gear, has already cost the life of one rescuer, a former Thai Navy Seal.

Another person has been taken from the scene, reports Reuters, possibly bringing the total number of rescued to 11.

This is a developing story and may be updated.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of HLN.

UPDATE 0638 ET: Confirmed now that an eleventh person has been rescued.

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