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NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Drags Jeff Van Drew for Fleeing Dems: Voters Don’t Need ‘Somebody Who Cuts and Runs’

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy ripped Jeff Van Drew for planning to leave the Democratic Party, telling CNN that Van Drew was “putting politics over the Constitution.”

“If he does what everyone is signaling, he’s putting politics over the Constitution. I think it’s that simple. He’s putting cuteness over courage. This is a guy who is reading some set of tea leaves where he thinks if he going to have to take the position he’s taking, he can’t find his way to re-election. I think it’s ridiculous,” Murphy, a Democrat, told anchor Martin Savidge on CNN Newsroom Saturday. Savidge was filling in for regular anchor Fredricka Whitfield.

“Last year in the midterm elections, we won four of the five Republican seats at that point–including the one Jeff Van Drew occupies,” Murphy continued. “I am very optimistic with the right candidate and the right emphasis and force behind that candidate, we can win it in 2020 and we will.”

Savidge also asked Murphy how he thinks the voters in Van Drew’s district will react to him switching to the GOP after voting him in as a Democrat. Van Drew is reportedly leaving the party because he does not want to vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

“I think they’re going to be extremely upset, and I think they’re going to rise up and say, wait a minute. This isn’t what we bargained for,” Murphy said. “It takes courage to deal with a constitutional crisis like the one before us, and it doesn’t take somebody who cuts and runs. And I think voters will be very tough on him for that.”

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