‘No More Bad Jokes, I Promise’: Zimmerman Defense Attorney Apologizes For Knock-Knock Joke

George Zimmerman‘s defense attorney Don West was forced to apologize after a recess in his client’s murder trial this afternoon for making a knock-knock joke during his opening statement. “No more bad jokes, I promise that,” West told the jury. “I’m convinced in was the delivery though, I really thought that was funny. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.”

West had previously told the jury a joke that ended with, “George Zimmerman who? All right. Good, you’re on the jury.” When it didn’t elicit any laughter from the evidently tense all-women jury, West was visibly surprised, asking “nothing?” and pleading with them to see the humor in their situation.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly, who reported on the apology after it happened, said “that’s never the way you want to make a jury feel. That cringe moment is not what you’re trying to elicit, you’re trying to bond with them.” Admitting to editorializing a bit, Kelly called West’s joke an “ineffective” way to begin the trial.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

And watch West’s original knock-knock joke below, via Orlando’s Channel 13:

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