Dancing With The Stars Promo Photos Are Here, But Sadly Missing A Situation

The promotional photos for what promises to be the most exciting season of Dancing With the Stars for media junkies since Tucker Carlson‘s one-hit wonder performance are out– time to speculate over why MikeThe Situation” Sorrentino missed the photo shoot and get outraged about the length of Bristol Palin‘s dress!

As with all seasons of Dancing with the Stars, it’s a bit difficult looking at the below pictures sometimes and finding the stars. On the other hand, this is one of the excitingly diverse sets of public figures we’ve seen assembled for rhythmic movement purposes in quite some time. As a nation, we’ve already gasped collectively at the idea of Bristol Palin being a star, and her sharing a stage, even if not simultaneously, with David Hasselhoff. But even through that, we missed some key gems in this group. For example, did you know that famous elevator music singer Michael Bolton is on this season, or “Baby” from Dirty Dancing*? Check out the whole crew (sans Situation– he was busy “fulfilling his commitments” to Jersey Shore) below!

Gallery unavailable

*Baby’s real name in the movie is Frances, and I resent that this isn’t brought up in the public sphere nearly enough.


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