No, You Shut Up! Puppet Panel Has the Most Sensible Obamacare Debate to Date

On the Fusion show No, You Shut Up! (which is really the subtext of every other cable news show), comedian Paul F. Tompkins and a panel of puppets tackle the most important issues of the day. And the debate they had about Obamacare might be the smartest and most thought-provoking to date, especially considering the participants involved included a sentient hot dog and an alien from a planet far, far away.

The panel contains all the classic trope characters of cable news debates: an actor who knows just enough about a political issue to have a semi-coherent opinion on it, a snobby columnist who knows better than everyone, your standard political activist, and, of course, the cranky old senator who doesn’t understand all this newfangled technology and what really constitutes a “gotcha” question.

But even with panelists going off on weird tangents like BuzzFeed and the circus, as well as the suggestion given by the distinguished tortoise from Georgia that health care would cost less if everyone became a doctor, it somehow ended up being one of the more coherent debates on Obamacare you’ll ever see.

Watch the video below, via Fusion:

[photo via screengrab]

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