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Norm MacDonald Accuses Google Of Sexism With WNBA Search Results

In a funny clip from last night’s Sports Show with Norm MacDonald, the comedian accused Google of sexism! The reason? Whenever you search something relating to the WNBA, the search engine helpfully (or chauvinistically) asks if you really meant to type “NBA” instead. Sure, Google, maybe if I had typed “WNBA+dunking,” there would have been a mistake, but anything else and you’re just projecting!

Of course, MacDonald is only kidding. Google’s algorithms are merely responding to the fact that many more people search “NBA” on a regular basis and the computer only sees “WNBA” as a potential one-letter typo instead of its own thing. However, I’m gonna bet that with this clip of MacDonald as well as a Twitter campaign (#ohgoogle), someone over at Google headquarters will have rushed to fix the little error by the end of the day. What other sports-themed comedy shows can lay claim to that kind of social change, huh?

Check out the clip from Comedy Central below:

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