North Dakota Farmer Arrested, Convicted with the Help of a Predator Drone

For the first time ever, a United States citizen has been arrested and convicted by police with the aid of a predator drone. North Dakota farmer Rodney Brossart was found guilty of terrorizing police officers after he engaged in an armed standoff over the disappearance of his neighbor’s cows. The cows wandered onto Brossart’s property, Brossart refused to give them back, he got in a standoff with the police, and a SWAT team showed up to try and deal with the situation.

They were out there for a really long time, and ended up resolving the situation with the help of a predator drone.

When the situation was still unresolved 16 hours later the SWAT team called in a Predator drone that was on loan from the Department of Homeland Security. The drone quickly identified Brossart’s location, as well as that of his three sons on the 3,600 acre property, and notified police when it was safe to make an arrest.

Brossart was successfully convicted, despite the questions of whether using a drone in such a manner is legal or not. As Judge Andrew Napolitano pointed out on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, the law isn’t exactly clear when it comes to the question of wheter you “use a drone without a search warrant.”

You can watch the video below, via Fox News:

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