North Korean Officials are Reportedly Reading Fire and Fury to Get the Skinny on Trump


North Korean officials are reportedly turning to Michael Wolff‘s Trump administration exposé Fire and Fury to get insight into the goings-on at the White House.

The report comes from a videotaped conversation CNN’s Christiane Amanpour had with former chief British negotiator Jonathan Powell.

This is what Powell said:

When I was there in December, they were reading Art of the Deal, they wanted to discuss the book and what it showed about the president. When I went back they were reading Fire and Fury and try to see what that told them about Trump. Since last November and December, they had a clear strategy. So far it’s all about reaction to their side in the west and it’s all about initiative.

After hearing Powell’s claims, CNN’s David Chalian pointed out that reading such books is to be expected for foreign governments, even if President Donald Trump did not like the book and claimed it was fake news.

“I imagine foreign governments all over the world are doing this to gain some insight,” Chalian said, before noting that the media does it too.

Watch above, via CNN.

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