‘Not a Normal Situation’: Reporters Criticize Trump for Ditching Press Pool for Dinner

Donald Trump ditched his press pool and showed up at a Manhattan restaurant earlier tonight. The only reason we know this is because a reporter happened to be in the restaurant when it happened:

(For the record, it’s 21 Club, not Keene’s.)

Now, the fact that Trump ditched his press pool was of some concern to, well, the press:

Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson, tonight’s pooler, chronicled what kind of night it has been for the reporters who had to scramble to get over to the restaurant:

On CNN, Sara Murray said, “It appears to be yet another misunderstanding of exactly how much gravity his new title as president-elect holds. You know, if something, God forbid, were to happen to him, that’s a matter not only of public record but also a matter of national security.”

She said that this is “not a normal situation” for someone who was just elected President of the United States.

Meanwhile, over on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow broke down what happened and wondered if the press was intentionally misled here.

She said there’s not really any law that says presidents should tell their press pool in advance, but pointed out there is a reason they’re supposed to…

Watch above, via CNN and MSNBC.

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