‘Not All Colored Girls Are The Same’: Don Lemon Hosts Another Hot Mess


CNN pundits Ana Navarro and April Ryan launched a tag-team attack on fellow panelist Jack Kingston, after the former Republican congressman mistakenly called Ryan “Ana,” on Tuesday’s CNN Tonight.

Ryan contended that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s controversial Holocaust gaffe shouldn’t be “political.” She wondered, “Can we deal with the issue without dealing with politics?”

The journalist continued by emphasizing that Spicer’s remarks “happened during Passover, a holy time for a community…It’s not about politics. It’s about people who are hurt.”

Former Rep. Kingston interjected, “Let’s say it’s not about politics, Ana. Ana, let me say respectfully, you’re above politics, but you’re not above criticizing him.”

Lemon corrected the Republican guest: “That’s not Ana. That’s April.”

Kingston apologized, but Navarro fired a racially-charged one-liner at her fellow panelist, as she rolled her eyes: “Not all colored girls are the same, Jack!”

The CNN anchor laughed at this barb and added, “They’re both wearing yellow, but go on.”

The former congressman, who worked on President Donald Trump‘s campaign, continued, “Here’s the point: you might not be criticizing him because you’re a Democrat. You’re criticizing him because you don’t like Trump.”

Ryan shot back, “I never said I was a Democrat. I never said I was a Republican! You don’t know my politics!” Navarro chimed in, “She’s a journalist,” as she rolled her eyes again.

The panel discussion descended into chaos. Ryan piled onto Navarro’s racial attack on Kingston: “So I’m a Democrat because I’m black?”

Lemon objected to the panelist’s remark by saying, “No. Oh, my God.” Navarro added, “He thinks you’re me. That’s the problem he’s having. Jack, do me a favor: quit while you’re behind.”

Thankfully, Alan Dershowitz had the last word in the segment: “Let’s just not politicize the Holocaust on either side.”

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