Not All Heroes Wear Capes: FedEx Guy Becomes Fox News Star for Rearranging Pillows


A nameless FedEx worker has become an unlikely hero for Fox News viewers by rearranging someone else’s pillows after delivering a package.

On Wednesday, an Ohio Facebook user named Jackie Szabo posted a 24-second clip from a doorbell cam that featured the FedEx worker delivering a tiny package, then noticing that two flag pillows on an outdoor chair were arranged with the stripes to the left of the stars.

The man swaps the pillows, and continues about his day. Szabo captioned the video “When the Fed Ex guy puts the stars before the stripes.”

Comments on the post laud the man for expending the four seconds on rearranging the pillows. “Amazing!” read one.

On this week’s edition of Fox & Friends Saturday, co-host Ed Henry reported on the deed, saying “Proud to be an American!”

“Look at this, a FedEx driver shows his patriotism when he stops to fix stars and stripes pillows sitting on a porch,” Henry continued. “The small but powerful gesture now going viral. You can see the men noticed the pillows were out of order after he dropped off a package, he rearranged them to actually make it look like the American flag before heading back to his truck and just going on with his day. What a cool gesture. Doing a hard day’s work, deciding he’s going to stand up for the flag. That is beautiful.”

They then tossed to weatherman Adam Klotz, who professed appreciation for the gesture, and made his own demonstration of patriotism by displaying his flag-emblazoned socks. These colors may not run, but they look awesome on feet.

Here’s hoping that FedEx man isn’t in the witness protection program, or doesn’t end up being a serial killer who just happens to have OCD.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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