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Not Going Away: Daily Show‘s Coverage Of Hume’s Tiger Comment

Fox News’ Senior Political Correspondent Brit Hume reiterated his belief last night that Tiger Woods should turn to Christianity to seek forgiveness.

Meanwhile, simultaneously (but airing later), Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team of correspondents were basing an entire segment on Hume’s original comment.

After playing the clip from Sunday, Stewart said, “You rarely see a news commentator make the point that one religion is superior to another.” But for the real “analysis,” he turned to the “Best F**king Theological Team On The Planet.”

Wyatt Cenac went first, endorsing Christianity. “As Jesus said, faith without an upside for the sponsors is no faith at all,” he said.

Samantha Bee made her pitch for Woods to become a Jehovah’s Witness. But first, she dropped this line: “As for Tiger’s sexual transgressions, I mean the church has tolerated far worse.”

And Aasif Mandvi picked Islam, but suggested Woods wait to announce his choice. “The fact that he frequently has to carry luggage and bags onto airplanes, I’m actually going to suggest he hold off for the moment,” said Mandvi.

The Daily Show‘s take was done as a joke, but Hume sticking to his original point, and some would say proselytizing, regarding Woods means this story is not going away. For a slightly different take on Hume’s comment, here’s Keith Olbermann last night. And on Twitter, following Hume’s Factor appearance, MSNBC host David Shuster unleashed a few related tweets, including, “Brit Hume on Oreilly tonight left no doubt he intended to proselytize with his comments about Tiger Woods. Truly embarassing.”

Maybe it stays at MSNBC (and comedy shows), but expect to hear more about Hume today.

Here’s the Daily Show clip from last night:

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