‘Not to My Knowledge’: Mike Pence Says Trump Hasn’t Reached Out to China Since Taiwan Call

pence-mtp-chinaeditedVice-President-elect Mike Pence appeared on Meet the Press this morning to discuss a wide range of subjects, such as the Trump administration’s choice for Secretary of State and the deal struck with Carrier to retain jobs in the United States.

Before getting to any of that, however, host Chuck Todd wanted to get Pence’s take on the recent flap over President-elect Donald Trump speaking to the President of Taiwan on the phone. This represented a total flip on the ‘One China’ policy and was the first time a president or president-elect had spoke with a Taiwanese leader since 1979.

Pence told Todd that this was nothing more than a “courtesy call” where the Taiwan leader wanted to congratulate Trump on his victory.

Todd pointed out that the “Chinese government is upset by this” and asked Pence if they had a right to be. Pence just reiterated that it was a “moment of courtesy” and not a “discussion about policy.”

The Meet the Press host then asked if the Trump team or Trump himself had reached out to the Chinese since this whole situation “bubbled up.”

“Not to my knowledge,” Pence noted. When pressed if they will attempt to call them within the next week to smooth things over, Pence said “I wouldn’t expect so.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC News.

[image via screengrab]

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