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Rick Sanchez Leading Movement To Make The Ascot “Official CNN Anchor Attire”

It’s official: contributor Roland Martin is staging a dress code coup over at CNN. Martin was on Rick’s List today to discuss… who knows, really, because Rick Sanchez was wearing an ascot, too, and called for making the ascot tie “official CNN anchor attire” — seriously.

Opening the segment with the Daily Show‘s ascot obsession segment, Sanchez, sporting an ascot clearly tied by a person who doesn’t tie them all to often, notified Martin of some potential dress code changes:

“I’ve had some conversations, I’m expecting that– I called larry king, sent emails to Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, and I had a conversation with Jon Klein, and I think we are real close to making this the official CNN anchor attire. How about that?”

There was an attempt to talk about the grave situation in the Gulf of Mexico thanks to the open oil well, but that didn’t last, and before long Martin was advising North Carolina governor Mark Sanford to “put a ring on” his Argentine mistress. Then, for some reason, Sanchez revealed what any necktie connoiseur was probably already suspecting, much to Martin’s horror: his “ascot” was more of a handkerchief than proper neckwear.

Video below:

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