NRA President To Wolf Blitzer: ‘No Evidence’ That Terrorists Buy Guns

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this afternoon, NRA president David Keene revealed his reluctance to endorse measures that could prevent terrorists from purchasing guns. Noting that you currently do need to undergo a background check to purchase a weapon “person-to-person” at a gun show, Blitzer asked, “Why let somebody buy a gun who potentially is a terrorist?”

Keene quickly dismissed Blitzer’s concern, saying, “First of all, there’s no evidence that terrorists buy guns.” He went on to explain while it is difficult, though not impossible, to institute background checks at gun shows, the real problem with “universal background checks” lies in scenarios involving private sales.

“What if you and I are neighbors and you bought a new shotgun and you say, ‘Dave, I don’t want the old one anymore, do you want it?’ And I say ‘sure, I’ll buy it.’ How do you enforce that? How do you do it?”

When Blitzer brought up that in a similar scenario with cars, the new owner would be legally required to register that car. Keene’s response? “Your right to a car is not guaranteed by an amendment to the constitution.”

Watch video below, via CNN:

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