NRA-TV Correspondent Claims Child Detention Centers ‘If Anything, Are Too Nice’

NRA-TV correspondent, Chuck Holton just made a rather audacious claim about the child detention centers.

He said that facilities may be “too nice.”

Speaking on a segment on child immigration, Holton made the claim — repeated by President Donald Trump himself — that the problem of child separation was “essentially the same” as what was happening under President Barack Obama.

Then he said this: “I’ve visited those facilities. Those facilities, if anything, are too nice.”

A little while later, he expanded on that thought, noting, that despite the images of kids wrapped in foil blankets that they were actually being kept in “very safe, secure environment with hot showers, probably for the first time in their lives, with three hot meals a day, with games to play and education and health screenings.”

He also stressed the kids got to call back home for free where they encouraged their relatives to send their “brothers and sisters.”

Holton’s remarks are in sharp contrast with other observers, including Rep. Jackie Speier, (D-Calif.) who called what was happening at the border and “unmitigated disaster.”

It is also unclear how Holton gained access since access to the facilities have been extremely limited, which photos and videos provided to the media instead, and even Senators being barred entry.

Watch above, via Media Matters

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