NRA TV Host Wildly Attacks Don Lemon: ‘You Have a History of Siding with the Rapist’


In the National Rifle Association’s latest media controversy, NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield attacked CNN‘s Don Lemon by claiming the host has “a history of siding with the rapist, not the victim.”

Stinchfield’s allegations against Lemon came during a long tirade against “the leftist anti-Trump media” — where he claimed reporters are unfairly critical of President Donald Trump and are “a group of elitists who hate every American who supports our president.”

Stinchfield’s evidence for the “siding with the rapist” slam was a clip of Lemon denying the claim that Hillary Clinton once laughed at a child rape victim. Political fact checking service Politifact rates this accusation against Clinton as false — which sides with Lemon’s correction, not the NRA TV host.

Stinchfield has a history of outrageous comments, as the host suggested that North Korea direct nuclear missiles toward Sacramento, California, called Democratic Senator Chris Murphy a “puppet master of the modern violent left,” and even claimed the Black Lives Matter movement wants white families to be “tortured and killed.”

Aside from Stinchfield’s behavior, the NRA as a whole has come under scrutiny and accusations of racism after flip-flopping on an assurance to speak out about the killing of Philando Castile — the legally armed black man who was fatally shot by a police officer. The advocacy group has also been accused of fueling civil war rhetoric through the use of polarizing recruitment tactics.

Watch the clip above.

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