‘NRA-vana’: Colbert Goes After ‘Brave And Heartless’ Rand Paul For Gun Control ‘Truthiness’

“Truthiness works,” Stephen Colbert declared on Wednesday night as he broached the touchy topic of gun control. The victims of gun violence are winning the emotional argument, he lamented, but “some brave and heartless individuals are willing to fight back against the tyranny of empathy.”

One of those heroes is Sen. Rand Paul, who argued against using the victims as “props.” Colbert urged Newtown parents to “stop making Rand Paul sad” because, well, he’s a sensitive guy.

Paul reminds that “grieving families aren’t the real victims,” Colbert informed, “gun owners are.” He cited radio host Bob Davis who drove that point home quite bluntly.

Naturally, Colbert acknowledged, the question arises: “Won’t demonizing the victims of gun violence hurt us?” Wrong. It won’t “because it already has” — according to polling that shows a decline in approval for those who voted against the recent gun legislation vote.

Winning the fight against popular and modest reforms means not caring about the voters, Colbert implored. “We can’t even care about what feels right.”

“These senators must reach a state beyond truthiness,” he added. “A complete non-attachment to anything other than their jobs.”

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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