Nuance in President Obama’s Speech Makes CNN Analysts Briefly Lose It

If Jon Stewart hasn’t found his Moment of Zen for tonight’s The Daily Show, here’s a shoo-in nominee. During a segment critiquing President Obama‘s address to the nation on Syria, CNN anchor Carol Costello played devil’s advocate by explaining that “in fairness to the President, I mean, Americans like things laid out in black and white, too. Easy to understand. They like decisions made right now. Shades of gray are more difficult to explain.”

That innocent declaration somehow managed to turn CNN political analysts Donna Brazile and Ana Navarro, simultaneously, into chortling adolescents. Before you watch the clip, try and figure out which part of Costello’s statement could possibly have set them off.

Never mind the lack of seriousness with which the issue in question is being treated, because that ship sailed a long time ago. Is this what it has come to? Has the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey become so ubiquitous that it is no longer safe to use a very common, useful idiom? What are we supposed to replace it with, “variations of slate?”

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