Nugent’s Brother Speaks Out: Comments Offensive But Media Coverage Way Overblown

Jeffrey Nugent, the brother of rocker Ted Nugent, spoke out about his brother’s provocative remarks on CNN Tuesday night. He told Erin Burnett that his brother unquestionably went over the line and encouraged him to tone it down in the future. He told Burnett, “My advice to him over the years has been ‘Please, tone it down.'”

Nugent said he was glad his brother apologized, and said he wants to help him “calm his rhetoric down and be more fact-based than attacking individuals in an inappropriate way.”

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However, given all that, Nugent did go on to say that his brother didn’t deserve all that media attention “when we’re dealing with so many more substantial issues in this country,” bemoaning how Congress is “not paying attention to the will of the country” and in doing so they have “embarrassed themselves more than my brother ever did.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[photo via screengrab]

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