Nunberg Pal Charles Gasparino Bashes Media For Putting Him on Air Drunk: ‘Not In Right Frame of Mind’


Earlier today, Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino reported that he had recently spoken with ex-Trump aide Sam Nunberg and was informed that Nunberg will fully cooperate with the Mueller probe after all. This comes a day after Nunberg’s bonkers media blitz in which he declared he would skip a federal grand jury appearance.

Gasparino also stated that Nunberg would seek treatment after he appears in front of the grand jury later this week. Following his tweet, Gasparino showed up on FBN to discuss his conversation with Nunberg while also tearing into the media for constantly bringing Nunberg on for off-the-rails interviews.

After telling host Connell McShane that Nunberg is a personal friend, Gasparino noted that it is his understanding that Nunberg is now fully cooperating with the special counsel and is handing over all requested emails through his lawyer. He added that he believes that Nunberg is going to seek treatment for drinking.

Gasparino went on to explain that he spoke to Nunberg yesterday afternoon right before he started showing up on TV, and Nunberg let him know he had been drinking. Gasparino further explained that Nunberg wanted him to run the story about Nunberg ignoring the subpoena, but Gasparino held out as there was a debate whether they should trust someone who was inebriated. Gasparino would discuss on the air yesterday afternoon, however, after Nunberg began showing up on the nets.

“So clearly, so obvious that he, that he was not in right frame of mind,” Gasparino declared. “You have to ask yourself — I may cut Katy Tur a break because she is the first one.”

He continued, “I listened to his voice. It didn’t sound right. You’re putting a guy on with some issues that it making claims and names about the President of the United States from a legal standpoint.”

Gasparino then concluded his point:

“Here is the other thing, Connell, real interesting thing, when you cut through everything Sam said yesterday, 99% was reported already. The only thing that wasn’t reported — a grand jury thing. Not the biggest story in the world, we know he is already before Mueller. It is just a marginal step forward. The thing that wasn’t reported but spectacle of him imploding on air. A=nd for ratings, people ate it up. It reminds me of the story from Don Henley, dirty money? Remember that, was that Don Henley? I think so. Excuse me, ‘Dirty Laundry.'”

Watch the clip above, via Fox Business.

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