New York AG Schneiderman On His Numerous Lawsuits Against Trump: ‘This is Not Personal’

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sat down with Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night to discuss the legal actions he has taken against President Trump.

Schneiderman explained his latest lawsuit against Trump for his decision to end DACA, which Maddow pointed out was similar to his lawsuit over Trump’s travel ban, both of which the AG alleges are based on “racial prejudice.”

“It’s a provocative argument but it was argued successfully by our coalition of attorneys general,” Schneiderman said. “Here, since the first days of his campaign, Donald Trump flagrantly displayed an anti-Latino, particularly anti-Mexican discriminatory animus, calling them ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’, disparaging a judge because of his Mexican heritage… and it clearly has a disparate impact because 93% of the DACA grantees are Latino and 78% are Mexican. So if you wanted to do something to a group you’ve been disparaging for a couple of years, this would be a pretty good opportunity.”

He believes the courts will see the “pretext” of “discriminatory animus” and thought how Trump was “turning on” the 800,000 DREAMers was “fundamentally unfair.”

Maddow then pivoted to the ongoing Russia investigation and how Schneiderman is collaborating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the probe surrounding former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

While he didn’t comment on the investigation itself, he said it is “unremarkable” for a federal and a state prosecutor to work together on a case.

The MSNBC host then asked Schneiderman, a Democrat, whether he was worried that Mueller working with him would potentially paint the investigation as partisan. He dismissed such concerns.

“I think we’ve got an extraordinary record of having gone after many, many Democrats since I’ve been in office,” Schneiderman responded. “Corruption is a bipartisan enterprise in New York and in most of America.”

He went on to say he “follows the facts” and doesn’t “prejudge” any case.

“We try to approach this administration by focusing on the merits of decisions,” he said. “We try not to personize it. If he’s going to wrongfully end a program that benefits hundreds of thousands of young people who shouldn’t be punished, we’re going to go after him.  If ge tries to eliminate health care for millions of New Yorkers, we’re going to go after him. We keep it on the merits and keep it on the substance. This is not personal.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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