NY Times Reporter Adam Goldman Destroys Defenses of Flynn on Fox News: It’s All ‘Smoke and Fog’


On Tuesday, New York Times reporter Adam Goldman spoke to Dana Perino on Fox News and dismissed arguments from Michael Flynn‘s supporters that he was entrapped.

Appearing immediately following the White House press briefing on Tuesday, Goldman pointed out that President Donald Trump fired Flynn for his lies, that Flynn’s former lawyer said the FBI “didn’t entrap his client,” and that there was “nothing unusual” in how the process played out for Flynn.

“All this smoke and fog about whether [Flynn] seemed relaxed at the [FBI] interview, or he should’ve had legal counsel, the judge today didn’t take issue with that,” Goldman said.

The discussion gravitated to Judge Emmet Sullivan‘s handling of the hearing, and how he scolded Flynn by saying he was “disgusted” with his borderline treasonous conduct. Sullivan made an effort to offer Flynn all of his legal options, which Goldman noted in his analysis.

“The judge made it abundantly clear that what Mike Flynn did was a very, very serious crime,” Goldman said.

He added, “People can mitigate it and they can throw up smoke, but Mike Flynn…lied in the White House repeatedly about interactions with the Russian ambassador, and also this involvement, by the way, in a Turkish secret lobbying scheme on behalf of Turkey.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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