comScore NY Times’ Wajahat Ali Blasts Trump’s Promotion of ‘White Supremacist Conspiracy Theories’: ‘Trump is Racist’

NY Times’ Wajahat Ali Blasts Trump’s Promotion of ‘White Supremacist Conspiracy Theories’: ‘Trump is Racist’

New York Times columnist Wajahat Ali appeared on MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle Monday morning and lit into President Donald Trump, called him a racist and noted that Trump’s promotion of white supremacy conspiracies is a “feature, not a bug” that defines this administration.

Host Stephanie Ruhle opened the interview segment by mentioning Trump’s weekend tweetstorm in which the commander in chief “mentioned nothing about New Zealand but he went on to defend television hosts who have pushed anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

Ali, the author of Off-Broadway play The Domestic Crusaders, wondered “wouldn’t it be lovely for the rest of us if (Trump) had as much gusto and passion in attacking the White Supremacists —  the number one terrorists in the U.S.  — like he does against John McCain, the press, black people, immigrants, Obama, Mueller?” He then added, “If he did that maybe we’d be a safer country.”

He then reminded viewers was not just the President of his allies, but he’s in fact “the president of all Americans by the way.” Ali then listed all the individuals and entities that Trump has defended, including; Jeanine Pirro, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, and white nationalist protestors in Charlottesville, VA.

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney insisted twice on Sunday morning political shows that President Trump is in fact not a White Supremacist, but Ali pushed back on that.

“But (Trump) does promote White Supremacist conspiracy theories,” Ali noted, adding that “it is too early to gaslight us. The midterm elections happened in October and President Trump doubled down on the George Soros conspiracy theory which stems from the ideological infrastructure of white supremacists around the world saying that rich billionaire Jews are bringing in a caravan of invaders.”

During a Friday afternoon White House pool spray that happened after news of the deadly mass shooting occurred in a Christchurch, NZ mosque, Trump did refer to what he sees as an immigration crisis on the border as an “invasion.”

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