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NY’s Fox5 Airs Live ‘Sh*theads’ During Awesome Interview With Anti-Occupy Protesters

Fox 5’s Antwan Lewis has had a fun week covering the Occupy Wall Street protests. On Tuesday, when Zuccotti Park was cleared out, Lewis’ live report was crashed by Joey Boots, a Howard Stern fan, yelling behind him and jumping into his shot. Thursday morning, Lewis, back on the scene for the OWS march to the New York Stock Exchange, put a microphone in the face of a protester confronting two anti-protesters, just as the man said “shitheads,” putting it on live TV.

These are just two reasons why Antwan Lewis is quickly becoming our favorite reporter.

In the sea of protesters this morning were two men in suits holding up bright green signs saying “Get A Job” and “Occupy A Desk.” They were, essentially, the anti-protest protest, and may have been antagonizing an already rowdy bunch. Lewis pulled them over and asked why they were there. “These people who have no jobs are in our way,” Derek Tabacco, a small business owner in the area, said. “We work on Wall Street, we cannot get to work — these people are in our way.” As the crowd started to heckle Tabacco and his brother, John, he screamed back at them, “Get outta here! Get outta here!” Eventually, a man in a hat squirreled his way in, and identified himself as a teacher. Lewis put the microphone in to get a closer listen, just as the teacher said that the brothers were, “shitheads.”

Fox 5 quickly cut back to the studio, where Greg Kelly suggested that maybe they should lay off the interviews, as the cameras could have been helping to intensify the situation.

Enjoy video of the exchange below, courtesy of Fox 5:

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