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NYT: We Printed Anti-Catholic Ad And Not Anti-Muslim One To Protect The Troops

In wake of the New York Times backlash for printing an anti-Catholic advertisement and not an anti-Muslim one, Fox News host Trace Gallagher explored whether the publication has a double standard on religions during a Thursday episode of Megyn Kelly’s show.

After Kelly started the segment by explaining that Catholic leaders have condemned the Times for their inclusion of the Freedom From Religion Foundation ad, which reads “It’s time to consider quitting the catholic church,” colleague Gallagher declined to show viewers the actual displays but said both were offensive:

“It is a scathing ad not only suggesting it’s time to quit the Catholic church, but it shows a disparaging cartoon of a Catholic bishop. It blames the church for, among other things, causing poverty, misery, unwanted pregnancy and death. The New York Times ran the ad last Friday. In response, a woman named Pamela Geller who is a controversial anti-Islam activist, produced an anti-Islam ad that mimicked the anti-Catholic ad saying it’s time to quit Islam. Instead of disparaging cartoon of a bishop, it was about an imam, and she goes on to blame Muslims for much of the violence around the world.”

Gallagher said the network had reached out to the Times for comment but received the same statement that was given to Geller, which justifies that the sentiment of the anti-Muslim ads could put the troops at risk:

“The fallout from running this ad now could put U.S. troops and/or civilians in the [Afghan] region in danger.”

Gallagher then played a quote from Geller, the executive director of Stop Islamization of America: “If you’re going to run these ads, be consistent. Either don’t run them, but don’t select which religion you prefer to hate.”

The bottom line is that both ads are terrible, and justifying that it’s safer to bash one religion over another is a tactless approach on the Times‘s part.

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