NYT’s David Carr To Colbert: Murdoch ‘Apologized For Everything, Took Responsibility For Nothing’

Stephen Colbert discussed the ongoing News Corp. phone hacking scandal with David Carr from the New York Times and both had a few good laughs at the expense of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. After having to endure a hearing and a near-miss pie in the face, Colbert mockingly pleaded on behalf of Murdoch, “leave the poor old man alone, hasn’t he been punished enough?” Yet Carr had a different assessment of the situation.

Carr suggested that Murdoch “apologized for everything and took responsibility for nothing.” Colbert immediately responded proudly, “that’s a leader!” As the conversation shifted to whether Fox News could also be implicated in the scandal, Colbert humorously rose to the network’s defense, claiming, “I’m not sure the Fox & Friends can hack into their own voicemail . . . they’re just not technically-savvy.”

Carr was most excited though that this story will continue to give him and his fellow newspaper reporters a lot of “juicy” things to write about, as he sarcastically (or perhaps openly) admitted that the business he is in is “based on the misery of others.” And with that as a goal, he even conceded that Murdoch and his newspapers often explain that best.

Watch the clip from Comedy Central below:

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