NYT’s Ken Vogel: WH Staff Worried that Mueller Has Colleagues ‘Wearing a Wire’

Looks like NY Times Kenneth P. Vogel  is an early front-runner for the prestigious “Mediaite Winner of the Day” award.

Yesterday, Vogel surreptitiously encountered two senior Trump Lawyers  at a D.C. steakhouse “loudly” discussing apparent divisions on Team Trump over the best way to proceed with the Russia investigation and filed a juicy report in today’s NY Times.

Vogel appeared on CNN this morning with host Poppy Harlow who asked the DC based reporter to discuss the buried “nugget” that White House staffers are so concerned about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation that some staffers may be “wearing a wire.”

The NY Times politics reporter didn’t discuss the specifics of the “wearing a wire” report so much, but he did add that the reported paranoia surrounding alleged listening devices suggests that ongoing deliberations with in the Trump administration have become so fraught that “there is suspicion about which sides people are on.”


What the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

–image via screen capture–

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