NYT’s Kristof: The Media Is Missing Important Stories With ‘All Trump, All the Time’ Addiction


New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof acknowledged the media’s problematic addiction to President Donald Trump and said it’s time to break the habit.

But while on CNN, Kristof noted to Brian Stelter the biggest culprits are channels just like the one on which he was appearing, stating “we in the media are essentially all Trump, all the time, and frankly, it’s a little rude to say, this, but I think cable television is — particularly cable TV.”

Although there is public demand for stories on presidential scandals and White House leaks, the 24/7 Trump coverage comes at a cost, leaving little room for anything else.

“And the upshot is that we risk not covering a lot of really important things at home and around the world, and we complain that President Trump is, you know, is parochial, isn’t paying attention to important things around the world, and we’re absolutely right, Kristof said. “But that can also be said about us.”

Part of the problem is total upheaval in the media world, where newspapers are being rendered increasingly obsolete with an influx of digital reporting and social media-circulated news.

Kristof acknowledged that “there is obviously a crisis in journalism, and our old business model has been collapsing. And then along came Trump, and he’s a bit the solution to our business model. As long as we have cameras focused on him, then audiences will follow.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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