NYT’s Nick Confessore on Morning Joe: Giuliani Just Admitted on National TV Trump’s Story Is Wrong, It’s a Lie

New York Times political writer Nick Confessore pointed out on Morning Joe that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani may have just made an enormous mistake.

Listing off the charges for former Trump officials, Willie Geist said: “That is an awful lot of indictments and plea bargains for an illegitimate investigation.” He then noted that Giuliani has repeatedly called for special counsel Robert Mueller to “put up or shut up.”

“First of all, the president’s team who has been delaying for eight months an interview is also now saying that it has to hurry up and end,” Confessore replied. “If they want it to end quickly, they should probably agree to an interview.”

“But, second, I’m just always amazed what the mayor’s team will say on the record. What he said in that interview is that the president’s story, if told to Mueller, would put him into perjury,” he continued, referencing an interview that Giuliani gave with Fox News’s Sean Hannity last night.

“So, what he’s saying is the president’s story is wrong,” he added. “It’s a lie. He just admitted it on national TV because if the president’s version of why he fired Comey is true, it is not a perjury trap, which just astonishes me. We have kind of blown right past the fact of what he admitted just there.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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