NYT’s Michael Schmidt: Mueller Report ‘Not Satisfying’ Without Trump Testimony

New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt feels Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into President Donald Trump is incomplete when it comes to questions of obstruction of justice, he told Morning Joe hosts Monday morning. Why did Mueller never seek a subpoena of Trump? Schmidt asked.

Furthermore, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough added, why did members of the Trump administration lie about their contacts with Russians, if they were clear of guilt?

Schmidt explained that Trump wanted to talk to Mueller, but his lawyers opposed the idea because they were afraid he would get himself in trouble by lying under oath.

“We know of no subpoena that was served on the President. But because his lawyers thought he would lie, he didn’t go in for an interview,” said Schmidt. “They’re the ones that stopped him. He was the one that wanted to go in and do that. But this thing was concluded and he didn’t have to explain anything.”

Schmidt said it was the responsibility of those conducting the investigation to thoroughly conclude it by interviewing the president and not just those around him. After all, the investigation was primarily about Trump.

“I understand why legally that may not have happened and it’s hard to subpoena the President and there’s real difficulties in that,” he said. “But if you’re the average person and you’re looking at this you’re saying, hold on a second. They looked all of the things about the guy’s intent and he didn’t have to answer any questions and they never subpoenaed him? That’s not a satisfying answer.”

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