O’Donnell Mocks O’Reilly’s ‘Stupid Question’ About a Woman President

Lawrence O’Donnell took on Bill O’Reilly in his Rewrite segment tonight for his “stupid question” about the possible downside of having a woman president and for his self-deprecating reason why he himself would never run for the highest office in the land.

O’Donnell declared, “It takes such a brave talk show host to ask such a stupid question.” He showed O’Reilly saying that it’s a deficit for men to be macho and full of bluster, though O’Donnell couldn’t help but think O’Reilly might be forgetting about his own bluster

O’Donnell did take a shot at Kirsten Powers for suggesting in the segment that Hillary Clinton might have voted for the Iraq war to prove she’s as “macho” as the men. He showed the clip of O’Reilly saying he wouldn’t be the president because the salary cut would be devastating, adding, “It wouldn’t just be devastating to Bill O’Reilly.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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