O’Reilly Factor’s Jesse Watters Shames Students at the Least Sexy College in America

If you’ve ever watched Fox News and thought “Hmm, I like what I’m hearing, but I wish they did more segments shaming people for not being sexy enough?”, you’re in luck. On Thursday night’s O’Reilly Factor, producer Jesse Watters went to the University of Houston, ranked by BuzzFeed as the least sexy college in the country, and proceeded to ask college students why they aren’t stepping up their sexy game.

This segment was just weird in so many different ways, from one guy’s suggestion that “We gotta get better women here” to Watters telling one girl that “You need to be the Paul Revere of sexy.”

Other choice words of advice from Watters included: “Have you tried speaking in a raspier voice?” “Lick your lips.” “You ever do the Thigh-Master?” and “Get out there and be sexy.” But the absolute best exchange was when he ran into a college student dressed up for Halloween.

“Sexy Dorothy. Is the Wizard gonna come knocking?”

“Oh, the Wizard already came.”

And, of course, at the end of the segment, Bill O’Reilly weighed in on this whole sexy debate by declaring “the best-looking women in the world are in Texas.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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