OAN CEO Deletes, Re-Posts Tweet Belittling Host Who Just Quit For Another Job

One America News (OAN) CEO Robert Herring deleted and re-posted a tweet belittling host Liz Wheeler after she abruptly quit the network for another job.

After Wheeler announced her departure from OAN on Friday, Herring responded by throwing shade in a Monday Twitter post.

Posting Wheeler’s letter of resignation, Herring commented, “We’re sad to hear that @Liz_Wheeler is leaving @OANN. When we let Liz take over for Tomi Lahren she had no experience.”

“Even though our other talk shows consistently outperformed her ratings, she carved out a dedicated but small following in her close to 1.2K not 2K shows,” he concluded, referencing a line from Wheeler’s resignation letter which said she was “very proud” to have built Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler into “a top-rated show on the network with over 2,000 episodes aired.”

Herring deleted his post less than an hour later, only to re-post it again word-for-word with the exception of Wheeler’s full legal name from the bottom of her resignation letter.


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